How do I request materials?
Mail a request to:

Book Samaritan
1715 Grandview Ave
Pawhuska,OK 74056
DO NOT email your request!!!!!  
I will not answer.

Do I need to provide any proof of income? eligibility to home school? etc.?
No, we do not require proof of anything to request materials for us. We rely on the honors system that you are truly in need when you request help from us.

Should I type a letter or is handwritten OK?
I prefer a neatly handwritten or printed letter. Either is fine so long as I can read it.

Should I send you my phone #?
It never hurts to send your phone #.  If I have a question I can call you.  An email address is much more helpful though.

When is the best time of year to request materials?
Anytime, just expect a wait if it's in the summer.

How specific should my request be?
You are welcome to be as specific as necessary, It does help if you list a curriculum preference. Sometimes an example is helpful if we don't have exactly what you need. Also let us know if it would be alright to substitute. Requests are filled faster if there is no preference. Please don't send me a 5 page list and email me a week later asking where your books are. 

 Is there a limit to the amount of material one can request?
No, there isn't.    A subsequent request can always be sent if you are missing an item you  need.  However, since we are run by donations you can never be sure we will have that item and you should ask for something similar.  Remember also, this is for families in need and if you can purchase something for yourself then please do and let our resources be used by families in need.

Is there a database where I can view the materials you have?
No there isn't, our inventory changes daily.   Donations come in and we send out requests daily,  keeping up with a database would be far too difficult.  My time is better spent mailing materials to people in need.  All I'm asking for is a letter, it's not that hard to write a letter.

How long can I expect to wait for materials?
There is no expectations for wait time.  Remember this service is free and depends on donations.  There is no secret formula for when we could have what.

Do you provide tax receipts for all donations?
Yes, we do! We are a 501C ministry.  I send out tax receipts when they are asked for.  Mail a note inside your box to let me know to mail or email one to you.  If you are making an online donation or if I missed your note. send me an email and I get one to you.

Can I include a request letter with my donation?
Sure, please put it inside the box and not taped to the outside.

Will I hear from you if I am approved for assistance?
There is no approval process.  You will not hear from me, you just get a box or a letter if I have nothing you want.

Can I check on my request once it's mailed?
Yes,  this takes my time away from filling requests though so it will add to your wait time.  Also, always put your name on the outside of the envelope so I can locate your request more easily.   I would rather you ask me about your request than you send another request letter asking for the same things.

* If anyone has any other questions not covered here please email me.