About us

There's nothing like homeschooling! It can be exhilarating, chaotic and rewarding all at once. But when a tight budget limits a homeschooling families ability to obtain the curriculum they need, homeschooling can quickly become frustrating!

Expenses can be enormous for homeschooling families:

  • They are usually single-income households
  • Books and curriculum for multiple children can really add up

  • School supplies, field trips and supplemental materials are the sole financial responsibility of the family

Unexpected events can make things particularly difficult.

  • Job loss
  • illness
  • divorce or other "surprise"

These things can really rock a homeschooling family's foundation. Often, a family that was once deeply committed to homeschooling must reconsider its options.

We want to help.

We provide books and curriculum to families who have financial needs. If you have budgetary constraints that are hindering your ability to provide your children with the best possible curriculum choices, please let us help.

Homeschooling Families help us, too!

We recognize that for those homeschooling families who are more financially secure, our services are not necessary. If this applies to you, we thank you for not requesting materials. Instead, we humbly ask that you consider a donation of your used curriculum. We rely on your help!